Wordify 2 FAQs

Find answers to common questions about Wordify 2. If you have your questions not answered here, do not hesitate to ask. We are nice.

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What is Wordify 2?

Wordify is a Mac app that produces beautiful typographic artwork from images.

Who can use Wordify 2?

Basically everyone. Creative professionals use it for their work. It is used in education, too. We have also seen people using if for "plain creative fun". Wordify 2 was made for everyone who loves to create typographic artwork from images. No "Pro knowledge" required.

What do I need to run Wordify 2?

Wordify 2 requires a Metal-compatible Mac running macOS High Sierra (10.13) or later.

The following Mac models can run Wordify 2: iMac Pro, iMac (2012 models and later), MacBook (2015 models and later), MacBook Pro (2012 models and later), MacBook Air (2012 models and later), Mac Mini (2012 models and later), Mac Pro (Late 2013 models and later). Learn more about Metal-compatible Macs from Apple.

Where can I get Wordify 2?

Wordify 2 is available for purchase exclusively on the Mac App Store.

Do you offer discounts for educational institutions?

We do. Seeing Wordify 2 used in education makes our heart sing. Qualified educational institutions can purchase Wordify 2 at a discount through the Volume Purchase Program for Education.

What happened to the "Original Wordify"?

The original version of Wordify released in 2013 was an amazing journey for us and truly unique in the market. Over the years we have provided several free updates to it.

The new Wordify 2 has been entirely redesigned and rewritten using the latest and greatest technologies on the Mac. Therefore, Wordify 2 is available as a new, standalone app, replacing the original Wordify on the Mac App Store.

If you have previously purchased the original Wordify from the Mac App Store you can still re-download your purchased version free of charge. However, there will be no more updates to the original Wordify as we focus all our efforts on the future development of Wordify 2.

Can I use the artwork created with Wordify 2 in commercial projects?

Absolutely. We built Wordify 2 to help you being creative and getting your work done. If you have created stunning artwork using Wordify 2 we are always happy to hear from you. This helps our understanding of how people use Wordify 2 to make it even better.

Can Wordify 2 export vector artwork?

Yes. Wordify 2 can export your artwork into the following file formats: PDF (fully editable and scalable vector output), TIFF, PNG (Bitmap output supporting transparency) and JPG (Bitmap output, no transparency).

Which image formats can Wordify 2 work with?

Wordify 2 can work on a huge range of image file formats. Also, it supports Drag & Drop and Copy & Paste operations from many other apps on your Mac.

Supported image formats include: JPG, JPEG-2000, PNG, GIF, TIFF, PSD, TGA, ICNS, Open EXR, different camera RAW formats and many more.

When using Portrait mode photos shot on compatible iPhones, Wordify 2 can automatically use the depth information of the image to mask out the background of the image. It's pretty awesome.

Which languages does Wordify 2 support?

Currently, Wordify 2 is fully localized into English (US) and German (DE). This includes the over 6.000 words that can be inferred from your images when using the "Magic Words" feature.

Does the use of Wordify 2 require an internet connection?

No. Creating artwork using Wordify 2 is entirely local, realtime and private on your Mac. Only the use of the "Location Words" feature requires an internet connection to reverse-geocode the image's GPS data into suitable place names. This feature uses an Apple-provided web service which is secure and private. Also, using the social share features requires connectivity. Again, these features rely on your Mac's infrastructure and are secure, private and built by Apple. Wordify 2 does not collect or transmit any of your personal data. They are yours and we take this very seriously.

I want to publicly review Wordify 2. Do you offer free copies for reviewing purposes?

We selectively issue promo codes for public reviewing purposes. To request one, please get in touch. Also, you can download our presskit here.

We look forward to hearing from you.